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    Shenzhen Yamei International Dental Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the denture industry for nearly 10 years, founded in 2004 in Shenzhen Baoan District, our company is a set denture technology research and development, training, production and sales for an integrated enterprise. Companies from the preparation to the establishment, have been oral dental industry professionals in the industry's strong support and recognition, and nearly a decade of time to develop into a high level of comprehensive denture business.

    Yamei  International Company is located in the world famous city of economic  characteristics "Shenzhen, China" and strategic location, convenient  transportation, only from the international metropolis Hong Kong  separated by a water; plant environment elegant, tree-lined,  garden-style plant and dormitory, Basketball courts, badminton courts, table tennis and other facilities. The company quickly introduced advanced equipment and materials from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the United States and other countries. The company also introduced beautiful tooth restoration technology, advanced production technology, strong technical force and a large number of highly trained technician team with formal training, technical skills and professionalism. And constantly improve product quality and enhance the technical level of technicians, the company hired Germany, Taiwan and other senior technicians to conduct a comprehensive check on the products, and from time to time to hire international and domestic well-known medical and dental hospital experts and professors to the company guidance and training.

    Our products include precious metal, semi-precious metal, cobalt-chromium alloy, titanium alloy and common porcelain, zirconia all porcelain, porcelain inlay, porcelain veneer, super porcelain, pure titanium and common metal bracket , Row of teeth, hidden denture, implants, all kinds of precision attachments and various correction - are, and so on.

    Yamei International Dental is a high starting point of large-scale professional denture production company. In order to better expand domestic and foreign markets, the company building a good computer information management system and improve the training system. From senior management to the grass-roots staff have regular training and learning. Through rigorous training, scientific management, superb technology, Cengcengbaguan the quality control procedures, won the praise and trust of customers.
    The inception of the company, began to build corporate culture, the following is part of our corporate culture:
    Our aim is: everyone has a solid beautiful teeth.
    Our mission is: let the world know that China Yamei International Denture.
    Our spirit is: quality to win, intentions, self-improvement, forge ahead.
    Our business philosophy: integrity, health the world, aggressive learning, technological innovation.
    Service culture: customer service, loyal customers, and customers win-win together.
    Management culture: philosophy determines the direction, details determine success or failure.
    Quality Creed: Character determines the product, product determines achievement.
    Principle of doing things: learn to be a man, and then learn to do things; eyes on the people, thinking about it.
    Values: people-oriented, solidarity, co-operation, loyalty and dedication.
    Team values: Yami is my home, we rely on the achievements, sharing of honor, the development of Yami.
      The company all my colleagues will uphold the above creed to high-quality products and improve after-sales service, is willing to work with domestic and foreign colleagues in the oral industry work together to move forward for the world's oral denture repair career to make the greatest contribution!

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