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    The core idea: Let the people who want to do things have the opportunity to people who have the stage stage, dry people have the status of treatment. Only is the move, really only use.

    First, the principle of both ability and political integrity. Selection and use of personnel in accordance with a comprehensive measure of both ability and political integrity of the requirements, insist on virtue is no mediocre, talented German is a villain, Germany can not be neglected.

    Second, the "effect" principle. In use, we do not look at academic ability, do not look at the diploma to see the level, no matter what status, what qualifications, what age, as long as doing well, doing better than others, outstanding performance, boldly on Heavy responsibility. At present, the company's technical staff and middle management average age of 35 years old, workshop director average age of 30 years old. Although these people are not old, some qualifications are not very high, but the ability, motivated, performance. We adhere to the "effect on" employment mechanism, so that a large number of talented people with both ability and talent come to the fore, become the pillars of enterprise development.

    Three is the practice of the first principle. "Three-day trial to burn full of jade, identified only to be seven years." Over the years, where all kinds of professionals to work in our group, we are first arranged to the workshop production line, so that in practice to improve exercise, and then through public examinations, merit selection.

    Fourth, the principle of survival of the fittest. In the selection of talent, we achieved by the "Bole phase horse" to "stadium selection horse" change, who did the best, we as talent to be reused; otherwise, can only be eliminated.
    Fifth, "everyone is a talent" principle. In the use of talent, the elimination of the model and the mysterious, so that people should be appropriate, the amount was applicable. As long as the right position to play the greatest degree of talent, is a certain sense of talent. We follow this principle, according to the level of each employee, expertise, experience, character, etc., will be arranged to a relatively appropriate position, so that the best use of talent to do, to promote sustained, rapid and efficient development.

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