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    Cash on delivery

    1, anxious, Shun Feng Express, Star morning emergency, FedEx can be.
    2, the use of cash on delivery service, the buyer received the goods, inspection confirmed, face to face payment to the logistics company, you also need to pay a certain service fee, the service fee is paid to the logistics company, the buyer paid to the logistics The amount of the company (money + freight + service fee) will be rounded to the rounding.
    3, the service charge is charged as follows:
    ① the choice of service charges 3 yuan corresponding to the logistics company (home delivery, Morning Star urgent): (delivery time of about 2-7 days) by receivable (money + freight) 1% rate, service fee of not less than 3 yuan, 50 yuan cap.
    ② select the service charge 6 yuan corresponding to the logistics company (FedEx): (delivery time of about 2-6 days)
    According to the receivable (money + freight) 2% rate of collection, the service fee of not less than 6 yuan, 100 yuan cap.
    ③ Select the service charge of 10 yuan corresponding logistics company (SF Express): (delivery time of about 2-5 days) by receivable (money + freight) 3% rate, the minimum service fee of not less than 10 yuan, Capping.

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