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    Return process

    Does not apply to goods returned for 7 days without reason
    In the case of goods without any problems, Dangdang commitment: Since you actually receive the goods within 7 days from the date of return of goods in the goods borne by you, can enjoy no reason to return. Dangdang are sold for the new authentic, to protect the interests of consumers, the following goods do not apply to 7 days no reason to return.
    A. Customized goods.
    B. Fresh perishable goods.
    C. Online download or consumer unpacked audio and video products, computer software, e-books.
    D. Clothing shoes and hats category of goods have been washed.
    E. Food, health products, personal care products, personal care products, cosmetics, virtual goods.
    F. Newspaper and periodicals delivered.
    G. There is no guarantee that the returned merchandise is in good condition.
    H. Other goods according to the nature of the goods are not suitable for return, you should not be recognized at the time of purchase Returns goods.

    Genuine guarantee Three certificates provide complete formal invoice
    The price is more affordable Channel more favorable than the line
    7 days no reason to return To provide you with worry-free after-sales protection
    . Exclusive customer service 7 * 24 hours at your service
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