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    Refund method and time

    Refund instructions

    1. The payment method of refund time and fee Description:
    1. If your order needs to be refunded due to product quality problem, shortage of goods, cancellation of order, abnormal delivery, please contact online customer service to inform the order number and the reason for refund, apply for a refund, to be returned Please return the goods, in receipt of goods, we will promptly for your refund. At present, this shop only supports Alipay and online banking refund, to bring you inconvenience please forgive me!

    2. The specific refund arrival time:

    Payment method Refund arrival time

    Alipay 1-3 working days

    Online banking to pay 1-7 working days

    Refund Inquiry
    After the refund is submitted, we will refund your money as soon as possible. Please inquire the transaction information of your account within 1-3 working days. If you have any unusual circumstances, please contact the online customer service.

    Refund Policy
    1. Provide refund information:

    Alipay account: Please ensure that you provide Alipay account through real-name verification, so as not to withdraw the wrong or balance can not be extracted.

    Bank account number: Please provide accurate (such as: card number, account name, bank information, etc.) to provide refund bank information, so as to avoid a refund error caused by an unsuccessful message.

    2. Refund processing fee issue:

    (1) If you provide the refund account information is incorrect, resulting in our back to the wrong account, the loss borne by you, if the operation fails to refund, then since the second operation, the refund fees borne by the customer.

    (2) The fee will be deducted directly from the returned money (that is, the amount of the final refund after the completion of the deduction into the amount of fee).

    (3) The amount of handling fee is:

    A. City counterparts refund: 0.1 yuan b. City interbank refund: 1 yuan

    C. Remote peer refund: 0.1 yuan d. Off-site cross-bank refund: 5.5 yuan

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