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    Cobalt-chromium metal porcelain is a non-precious metal porcelain teeth in one. It has the advantage of strong metal stability, high corrosion resistance, under normal circumstances will not appear black gums or bleeding gums. And precious metal porcelain teeth and porcelain teeth compared to the cost of cobalt-chromium porcelain teeth significantly lower. Compared with nickel-chromium porcelain teeth, then, cobalt chromium porcelain teeth and relatively safe.
    Co-Cr alloy porcelain teeth advantages: cobalt-chromium alloy for the first implant material, and later, Europe and the United States to solve the problem of nickel-containing metal allergy, developed specifically for porcelain repair cobalt chromium alloy, it will not occur in the patient's mouth alloy Discoloration. Co-Cr alloy was first used in medical transplantation, used as a hip joint, which is also a sign of its biocompatibility, still in use today.
    As early as 1929 applied to dental care, initially for removable partial denture repair. Co-Cr alloy: mainly for the toxicity of nickel and beryllium and the development of its cobalt content than nickel-based alloy high, generally 25%, as well as other elements. Because of its high cobalt content, its corrosion resistance than nickel-based alloy is good, and good combination of porcelain, but also because it contains more chromium, the higher melting point, there is a certain reaction between alloy and embedded material.
    Porcelain teeth with cobalt-chromium alloy, the elastic modulus, the hardness of 335 Vickers hardness. Higher elasticity, high comfort, in the patient's mouth will not appear alloy discoloration. Porcelain dental cobalt-chromium alloy and the production of partial denture stent with the cobalt-chromium alloy is the difference between the different carbon content of the alloy, generally the former with little or no carbon.

     Cobalt-chromium metal porcelain


    Cobalt-chromium metal porcelain



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