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    Crystal zirconium: high-quality zirconia porcelain teeth is the application of high-tech biocompatible materials combined with modern CAD / ACM digital technology to produce the result is to allow you to have a safe, healthy non-toxic without allergies no side effects of zirconia all-ceramic Tooth-crystal zirconium. In Beijing, the price of zirconia porcelain teeth has been very high, so that many people can only be far-sighted beauty, especially the elderly, when doing porcelain teeth, metal porcelain teeth is preferred, because the price Relatively cheap, but people often appear to the elderly body condition, go to the hospital for examination, metal porcelain dental crown is a metal, do CT, MRI and other tests will affect the inspection results, in order to good health, forced to It is necessary to spend thousands of pieces of porcelain teeth to do a demolition, a waste of money, but also allow themselves to suffer a lot of torture, and zirconia all porcelain teeth will not have such a phenomenon, but because the price is very High, so many people can only "at arm's length."


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